About Us

Shanghai JS Sourcing is a sourcing and purchasing company providing export services in China. Founded in 2011, The company’s main goal is to secure client orders and enhance overall profitability of the purchasing process. Our services are tailored primarily to smaller businesses (SMEs), independent entrepreneurs, and innovators who come to China to turn their ideas and plans into product. We offer clients a comprehensive range of customized services aimed at streamlining and facilitating your business in China.

Shanghai JS Sourcing benefits from it’s strategic location in Shanghai but also maintains a network of seasoned suppliers across China’s East coast. In addition, our Hong Kong subsidiary provides us with access to advantageous tax and financial policies.


Why choose Shanghai JS Sourcing?

  • We work directly with the factories while adhering to a strict cost control and transparency policy.
  • Our capability to manage orders from start to finish ensures a seamless and highly efficient procurement process.
  • Our comprehensive understanding of the purchasing process and pitfalls allow us to provide answer to a large range of requirements.
  • Our team members have a diverse set of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our skills and expertise span many fields and industries.
  • Our familiarity with mainstream and local business practices ensure that communication with suppliers is precise, efficient and strategic.