China Quality Inspection

Areas of Interpreter Assistance include

  • Supplier/Factory Visits
  • Professional Exhibition visits in China
  • China Business Partner Meetings
  • General China Business Meetings
  • Internal Management Meetings (Assisting English-speaking management teams)
  • Control of Goods in China
  • Business and Product Promotion in China
  • Professional Exhibition Participation in China
  • Research and Development within the Chinese Market

Quality Inspection for Imports from China

High quality business interpretation is complex, highly nuanced, and absolutely essential to international projects. Shanghai JS Sourcing assembles trained and experienced English to Chinese interpreters who combine cross cultural understanding with import-export industry expertise to translate both language and cultural behavior in a means that allows both sides to avoid misunderstanding and efficiently communicate.

For each project our interpreters take time to gain a clear understanding of the context of your work in China. With that contextual understanding the interpreter ensures that the project is carried out with a comprehensive strategy that keeps in mind future development of opportunities. They utilize their professional experience in the trade to avoid common pitfalls and points of misunderstanding. Our goal is to help you to profitably and sustainably achieve your goals in China.

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