Supplier Audit

Supplier Audit is a type of inspection conducted within factory premises at the end of the sourcing process. A factory audit report clearly and efficiently reveals the hidden truths about your supplier in China.

JS Quality delivers cost-effective factory inspections that help managers make fast but informed decision.

Supplier audit in China main picture
  • Determine parameters
  • Preliminary investigation
  • Factory Inspection
  • Audit Report

A Supplier Audit provides the following answers:

  • +  Am I dealing with a Trader or a Factory?
  • +  Is the factory able to manufacture & pack my product?
  • +  Is there any indication that factory can not deliver in time?
  • +   Are there any critical failures in Product Quality?

What is a Supplier Audit?

A Supplier Audit, also referred as factory audit (FA), manufacturing audit, or vendor audit, is a type of inspection conducted at the factory in China. Standard factory audits, also called “manufacturing audit”, aims at gathering enough evidence of :

  • + ability of the supplier to manufacture the products
  • + ability to deliver on-time
  • +Strengths and weaknesses in terms of Management (Quality, Sales, Logistics)

The best factory audit aims at focusing on the specific needs of the Buyer, provide concrete and comprehensive information, so as to choose the best supplier in China.

What type of Factory Audit do we deliver?


JS Quality Manufacturing Audit is the most comprehensive audit type. Our Auditor is dispatched to the Factory with an Audit Checklist customized to your requirements.

We spare no effort or time to make sure that you get as much information, photographic evidence etc…

Once the audit is completed, we deliver a comprehensive report in English. The audit report contains our findings in regards Manufacturing, Management, Quality Operations, Sales, Administrative Operations.

In a nutshell, your business will be able to pinpoint accurately bottlenecks and spare itself hassles by taking factory weaknesses into account.


Our FBA Vendor Audit is the cheapest supplier audit. It is focused on Product Quality, Packaging and FBA specialization.

The audit process utilizes years of service to Amazon sellers buying from China. Its core objective is to cross-check  :

the company status and history

its ability to deliver products within lead-time

how it enforces quality all-over

In a nutshell, our audit checklist and audit report are crucial to any FBA seller’s informed decision prior to purchasing goods from China.


JS Quality has conducted hundreds of machinery factory audits since its inception.

Our on-site audit enables the technical team to efficiently review reference documents such as BOM, or Electrical Layouts, otherwise not accessible.

Both the manufacturing means (and skills of labor) , engineering and quality resources and skillset are audited.

In a nutshell, your engineering team will be able to access comprehensive data, high resolution photographic and video evidence of manufacturing and product performance even before placing an order.

What type of Factory Audit do we deliver?

With hundreds of thousands factories and workshops scattered around the country, it is no wonder China is called the “factory of the world”. But with such a large and competitive market comes the risks.

  • > The risk to place an order with an agent instead of a factory;
  • > The risk to place an order and get a different product;
  • > Or even the risk to never see the goods to pay for;

A manufacturing audit comes in handy for Buyers all over the world, when they believe they have found the right supplier. No need to jump right in when you buy from China. Booking a factory visit, or supplier inspection is necessary because it allows your business to minimize the risks, and make an informed decision.

An audit efficiently protects against scam, reveals defects in manufacturing and management.

When do I need to book a factory inspection?

Usually, Buyers audit their suppliers before they buy in China. It is the last step of the sourcing process. That is, Buyer has already screened and shortlisted manufacturers in China. At that stage, a factory inspection helps with making sure that the supplier is the right one for the trade.

How much does a supplier audit costs?

Supplier audits costs vary greatly. Depending on the scope of the audit, it can be as low as 250USD/manday all inclusive*. But bigger supply chain projects may require a more in-depth inspection. JS Quality offers order specific quotation, for free.

Our auditors can conduct manufacturing audits anywhere within mainland China.