Supplier Audit

Although the range of products available in China is vast, access to clear and accurate information is sometimes difficult. A supplier audit is often a simple and efficient mean to reduce risks. On top of the simple geographical distance, the linguistic and cultural differences can make clear communication difficult. Our staff investigates, inspects, and maintains transparency in our work, Conducting Supplier Quality Audit, is only the first step we take to protect your business in China.

After a supplier audit is complete, we provide you with all the legal, financial, and commercial data and information. Shanghai JS Sourcing offers you a professional and conscientious team available on site to be able to identify and minimize the risks of your purchases in China.


Supplier Audit Process :

Determine the supplier quality audit context, content, and time frame

The Supplier Quality Audit first step includes reviewing your project, to ensure we understand the motivation behind your supplier audit in China and to establish your priorities. We use this information to define the content and terms of the audit.

Preliminary investigation

From the experience of prior supplier audits and inspections within our suppliers network, our team understands the importance of obtaining all commercial, legal, and financial information on audited Chinese suppliers. Our team utilizes this database of information and their prior experience to compile the necessary information that must come before  a factory inspection.

Onsite Supplier Quality Audit

We travel in person to the factory, or premises of the audited supplier, gather and verify the information of the investigation. In addition to the visual inspection we reconfirm collected information through methods such as survey of employees. Our experience, attention to detail, and commitment to objectivity and transparency ensure a reliable supplier quality audit process.

Supplier Audit Report

The supplier audit report contains all data and information gathered during the process. It includes results of any survey as well as details of Factory inspection including photos. After the report is submitted, the individual who organized and conducted the supplier quality audit will be available for any additional questions or discussion.