Pre Dispatch Inspection

Pre dispatch Inspection is also known as Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), or even Final Random inspection (FRI). It is a type of quality control performed by a quality inspector. A pre-dispatch inspection or quality check happens at the factory in China. It is conducted when at least 80% of the goods are manufactured and packed. Our Quality Inspector follows a specific quality control plan and checklist that consists in :

  • • Checking quantities of your products made in China
  • • Assessing that product meets the Buyer requirements (no non-conformities)
  • • Verifying that labels and markings are correct
  • • Determining package integrity and sealing

Pre-shipment inspection is the last resort to safeguard your reputation when dealing with china wholesale suppliers. Buying direct from China has its perks, but there is also a lot of risks that quality management can minimize. JS Quality inspectors use AQL chart and ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4) standard to deliver reliable quality control and final random inspection.


Pre Dispatch inspection, or FRI, is a quality control service JS Quality delivers before goods leave your Chinese suppliers premises. It is the last quality assurance step that helps Buyers confirm if a shipment is compliant. Final Random Inspection includes inspections scopes such as:

Quantities Integrity
Integrity Labels & Barcodes
Dimensions & Weight Shipping marks
Colors & Prints Tests

Our Pre Dispatch quality control is flexible and can be customized to your specific quality requirements. Based on the information shared with us, we establish a customized PSI inspection checklist.

Most of the time, PSI or FRI focus on a sample lot of products from China picked from inventory at the Chinese manufacturer. This sample lot is defined as per ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4) standard. After the quality check, we compile all the findings in a report with photographs and send them to the Buyer.

WHEN does a PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) on products from China happen?

Pre Shipment inspections are usually conducted when manufacturing and packaging of the order in China reaches at least 80% to 100% of completion. However, we are able to accommodate Buyers needs.
Our Final Random inspections are implemented at a specific time during manufacturing. Preferably when:

  • ‣ 80% of order quantity is manufactured and packed;
  • ‣ Testing equipment at the supplier is available;
  • ‣ Sales team and Management are at the manufacturing plant;

Pre Dispatch Inspection is by far preferred by many Buyers when they order from China. Also called Pre Dispatch inspection, it allows a Third Party (JS Quality) to evaluate the level of compliance of products made in China. It is especially useful to avoid:

  • Importing unsafe products from Chinese suppliers;
  • Getting less products that what you paid for;
  • Shipping defective products from China;
  • Dealing with costly delivery issues due to incorrect labels and shipping marks;

HOW MUCH does an FRI (Final Random Inspection) Inspection cost?

Booking a Pre dispatch inspection or PSI quality check with us starts at USD 249 (price for consumer goods) ALL INCLUDED*.
For more information on Pre-Shipment inspection pricing, please contact us here.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between a Pre Dispatch Inspection and During Production inspection?

What is the difference between a Pre Dispatch Inspection and During Production inspection?
The main difference between these two quality checks is the timing in your order process.
The second main difference is their scope. A DUPRO check will include more information on manufacturing processes while Pre-Shipment only focuses on product safety, workmanship and & packaging.
The third difference is the price.
Please find below a quick recap of the differences between During Production (DUPRO) and Pre-shipment (PSI) quality checks :

Pre-Shipment Inspection During Production Inspection
Advantages Efficiently assesses if products & packaging are safe and up to standards Efficiently identifies manufacturing process impact on product safety and quality
Does not disrupt manufacturing Leaves enough time to rework products
Simple & easy to implement In-depth quality check
Cheaper May result in future better practices on manufacturing lines
Drawbacks Does not prevent safety issues / defects from happening Expensive
May require destructive inspection (impacting on quantity at delivery) More complicated to implement with some factories (especially if they subcontract)

But rest assured, JS Quality offers sound and consistent service over its inspection range. Our Quality team uses AQL chart, quality control checklist and sampling standards for each quality check. Our reports are usually in English, but can be translated into French as well.