During Production Inspection, is also know as DUPRO inspection. It is a type of quality control performed by a quality inspector. A During Production quality check is conducted at the factory, when 20% to 80% of the goods are manufactured and packed. It involves a specific quality control checklist that mostly focuses on :

  • • Identifying and preventing quality defects, non conformities
  • • Identifying and preventing late delivery in China
  • • Checking if packaging is well prepared

During Production inspection is thus very useful to those who want to check the quality of products from China early in the manufacturing process. It also facilitates production monitoring in the Chinese factory. JS Quality inspectors use AQL chart and ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4) standard to deliver reliable checks during production.


A Dupro inspection is a quality control service that includes the following during production checks :

Dimensions & Weight Inventory of goods
Product Build Rate of Production
Core Components Assembly line
Workmanship & Appearance Casting & Coating line
Print & Labels Packaging line
Pacakging & Marks

During production, we inspect a sample lot of products from China. This sample lot is defined as per ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4) standard. After a DUPRO, we compile all the findings in a report with photographs and send it to the Buyer.

WHEN does a DUPRO quality check on products from China happen?

During Production inspections are usually conducted when manufacturing of the order in China reaches 20% to 80% of completion. However, each and every product is not manufactured the same way.

Our DUPRO inspections are implemented at a specific time during manufacturing. Preferably when :

  • ‣ All parts & components have been delivered to the factory in China;
  • ‣ There are enough goods assembled to inspect a sample lot;
  • ‣ Coating & Assembly lines are both functioning;

Even though many business prefer to conduct quality checks before delivery, there are many shortcomings to relying only on these. A During Production quality check of goods from China is especially useful with :

  • – Suppliers with prior experience of defective products, or late deliveries;
  • – New suppliers and or new products;
  • – Products which manufacturing is outsourced by your Chinese supplier;

HOW MUCH does a During Production Inspection cost?

Booking a DUPRO quality check with starts at USD 299 (price for consumer goods) ALL INCLUDED*.
For more information on During Production inspection pricing, please contact us here.

What is the difference between a During Production and a Pre-Shipment Inspection ?

The main difference between these two quality check is the time they are implemented.
The second main difference is their scope. A DUPRO check will include more information on manufacturing processes.
The third difference is the price.

Please find below a quick recap of the differences between During Production (DUPRO) and Pre-Shipment quality checks

During Production Inspection Pre-Shipment Inspection
Time of Inspection Production = 20% – 80%> Production >80%
Scope of Inspection Product, Packaging & Processes Product & Packaging
Price of Inspection starts at USD 299 starts at USD 249

But rest assured, JS Quality offers sound and consistent service over its inspection range. Our Quality team uses AQL chart, quality control checklist and sampling standards for each quality check. Our reports are usually in English, but can be translated into French as well.