Machinery and Parts

The array of building products available for export from China is wide and diverse. Some of the largest global construction product brands export their materials from China. Shanghai JS Sourcing’s experienced team is particularly familiar with export procedures for these types of materials. Our intimate familiarity with these materials, quality standards, and conformity requirements allow us to expertly manage their procurement.

Here are some materials purchased in previous projects

Building materials :
Structural materials : structural steel (hollow structural sections/beams/laths), wood, OSB, fiber cement siding.
Insulating materials :Insulating sandwich panel, glass wool, rock wool, EPS panel, XPS panel, perlite..
Siding materials : sandwich panel, plasterboard, particle board, aluminum composite board.
Innovative materials : sandwich panels, MgO board, EPS board, lightweight concrete boards.
Ready-to-Install Building Solutions :
Prefabricated wooden chalet, Prefabricated light steel structure, Prefabricated vacation rental, Prefabricated steel warehouse, Habitable container: modified, flatpack , foldable, Modular bathroom/kitchen, Prefabricated cold room, Prefabricated wall partitions,
Fixtures & Fittings :
Door and windows : Fire door, aluminum/PVC/wooden framed doors and windows …
Bathroom Fixtures : shower, bathtub, basin, bidet, toilet, bathroom furniture & fittings…
Kitchen fixtures and fittings : sink & tap, kitchenette, countertop, cooktop, kitchen furniture & fittings

Who are our clients ?

Importers and wholesalers
Construction companies
Public contractors