Container loading Check or CLC, is also known as Container Loading Supervision, or even Container Loading inspection. It is a type of quality control performed by a loading supervisor. A cargo container loading check happens at freight forwarder’s appointed warehouse in China, the day of the loading. Our Quality Inspector follows a specific container loading plan and procedure that include :

A Container Loading Inspection is yet another step in your Quality Assurance plan. It allows Buyers to avoid shipping goods in a leaky container. During the inspection, the loading supervisor takes pictures of the container and its cargo. It can help you in providing proof that you performed due diligence in securing cargo. It is the last check before a Buyer ship goods from China to US or any other destination.

WHAT is Container Loading Inspection?

A cargo Container Loading Inspection, or CLC, is a quality control service JS Quality delivers to minimize risks prior and during container stuffing. Whether a Buyer ships an FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load), our loading supervisors first inspect the shipment. They record any damage or non-conformities prior to loading. They check the state shipping containers to avoid leaks, or worse. They clean & prep the shipping cargo container for loading and implement cargo securing. Please find below a table that sums all activities conducted on the day of the loading in China :

Container Loading Plan Container Integrity Check
Cargo securing plan Product & Packaging check
Product Inspection sheet Container check & cleaning
Loading List report Loading supervision

Our packaging check always include a thorough check on pallets, and especially hardwood pallets. We take photographic evidence that pallet dimensions are correct and feature correct fumigation stamping.

Our container loading checks allow Buyers to improve container loading process. Our loading supervisors usually minimizes damage during container stuffing. In extreme cases, we may act on Buyer’s behalf and can delay or stop container loading due to critical damage or noncompliance.

WHEN does a Container Loading Inspection in China happen?

CLCs are conducted the day of the loading, whether it is on 20FT or 40FT containers. Our loading supervisor arrives on-site early to inventory and check on Products & Packages. A Container Loading Check usually lasts 1 day and can include up to 3 or 4 FCL containers stuffing.

We strongly recommend to Buyers who buy from China with FOB incoterms to book a Container Loading Supervision. Many Chinese suppliers and trading companies do not even include loading and container checks in their Quality plan in China. Most of the time, they have received the balance of payment, thus, their interest now is to ship as soon as possible.

HOW MUCH does a Container Loading Inspection cost?

Booking a shipping container loading check with us starts at USD 249 (price for consumer goods) ALL INCLUDED*.
For more information on shipment loading inspection, please contact us here.

WHY is a Container Loading Inspection needed before shipping from China?

At JS Quality, we deliver Loading checks to almost all our loyal customers. There are two reasons these are needed:

  1. many suppliers do not even know any standard of shipping from China, and stuffing best practices
  2. many suppliers and warehouses value speed over quality, or result over communication.

The below table shows how a proper container stuffing standard, implemented by a container loading specialist (Loading Supervisor) can help avoid many hassles

Improper container loading JS QUALITY loading standard
Container Check None, or superficial only Full check involving age, repairs, integrity, seal performance, cleanliness
Container Prepping None, or a quick sweep Full sweep and ventilate, apply padding & protection material
Container Stuffing Mostly rely on loading workers experience + no supervision during loading itself Stowage plan + Supervision during 100% of the loading process
Load Securing No cargo securing (in >80% times) Lashes, straps, dunnage bags and blocks