In case you are an already settled manufacturer in the Chinese market, or you are planning to try your hand in this market as a manufacturing innovator, then you are at the right place.

Suppose you have got the requirements and specifications from the client and you have manufacturedthe demanded goods. As well as you have delivered the goods to his place. Soon it came into your notice that your delivered goods got rejected.   The client didn’t found them compatible to his requirements.  This massive haphazardin your business can incur you a great loss.

Now the question arises… Could this situation be prevented?

If yes… then how?

In such cases, our pre-emptive inspection entitled “ First Article Inspection”  can result best.

  • Our First Piece Inspection allows the quality control and inspection of the goods produced by a new process for the first time in order to validate the process.
  • The first article inspection procedure of Shanghai JS Sourcing is most specifically designed for pre-production check and product quality inspection.
  • Our First Article Inspection Report consists of the specifications related to geometry, components, functioning, and appearance.
  • Our keen and robust sample inspection accurately identifies unapproved and substandard materials or components.
  • The complete first article inspection procedure results in the selection of appropriate tooling and production processes for mass production.

FAI Scheduling and Planning

We make a record that tells when First Piece Inspection has to be conducted. In general, the conduction of FAI only takes place on the new product launch.

Split FAI in parts

The new product can be a combination of numerous small products. Thus, we make the record of events in the production process which tells when the first article inspection has to beconducted at various sub production levels.

Institutes Spot check

Our proficient and prolific first article inspection team is known for their diligence in entire China. For the consistent inspection process, we institute checkpoints to ensure that parts are brought to the FAI Inspector at appropriate times.

Develop a First Article Inspection Report

We develop the customizable and flexible first article inspection reports for every new product. This report includes every attribute related to the specification of material, surface finishes, size, shape, color, and design.We can also ask for a third a party inspection to investigate the product more finely

Fill the report after measurements

We practically measure each and every parameter of the product and insert the details in the first article inspection report

Creation of database

After the conduction of all the sample inspections, the database is created which keeps the record and details of all the conducted FAI’s.

Document the process

For future assistance, we keep the complete credentials and citations of the first piece inspection.

Why have a First Article Inspection?

  • To ensure that the entire production process is able to create products and assemblies that meet the company and consumer requirements.
  • To ensure that product quality is on the mark from the start till the end.
  • To ensure that manufacturers of China are able to get consistent and repeatable production process.