We first gain a clear understanding of the client’s specific requirements and recommend a procurement strategy. We will personally accompany you through each step of the process and provide the guidance and support necessary for a successful procurement.
To help familiarize you with the purchasing process, please see the below overview of our standard practices and process from initial inquiry to final procurement. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Feasibility and Specifications

1) Clarify client requirements
2) Determine project feasibility
3) Define Shanghai JS Sourcing’s role in the project
4) Formulate project specifications


Sourcing and Negotiation

1) Source suppliers, determine negotiation and cooperation conditions
2) Conduct factory audits (upon request)
3) Monitor production and delivery of preproduction samples
4) Guide final supplier selection and arrangement of purchasing terms


Production Monitoring and Quality Control

1) Plan production, verify the technical data and leadtime
2) Periodically oversee entire production process
3) Relay information and help to resolve unforeseen problems


Shipping Logistics Service

1) Suggest and arrange transportation solution
2) Confirm plan and costs of transportation
3) Track loading and shipping vessels
4) Obtain and pass along customs documentation


Tracking the receipt of goods

1) Liaise with suppliers
2) Commercial and technical support
3) Support to solve problems relevant to the order.