Each purchasing project in China requires a significant investment of resources. Periodic and on call oversight of production, quality, shipment are essential to a timely and quality delivery. Shanghai JS Sourcing’s team has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly navigate your purchase process from start to finish. With our order monitoring, Our attention to regular communication allows you to continue to run your business without constant interruptions.

From order placement to receipt of goods, we oversee your order (fulfillment), help you forecast potential delays or quality defects, and provide you with efficient information. Our follow-up policy with suppliers, mandates standard schedules of communication and thereby ensures that they meet the scope and deadlines in a professional manner.

Order Monitoring Process :

Pre-production briefing

This briefing consists in reviewing all the order’s data, including product’s technical information, production plan and overall lead time. The purpose is to assess that no information is left unverified and that the manufacturer has a clear understanding of the order’s quality requirements and potential pitfalls.

Production monitoring

Our team maintains constant contact and ensures that the key information is passed on in a timely manner. When needed, we provide support and suggest solutions to settle unforeseen issues and minimize disruption to the production and overall schedule.


Post-production procedures such as inspection and shipment of goods are seamlessly managed by preparing these steps as soon as possible during production. We manage the communication between the parties; ensure that container bookings are diligent and that there is minimum disruption between shipment and payment.

Shipment monitoring

Our team serves as the liaison between you, the shipping agent, the manufacturers, and any other parties involved. We oversee the issuance of all necessary documentation for the declaration of goods. Finally, we help you efficiently track your shipment.

Post Delivery support

We keep an open-line of communication with your suppliers in China and provide commercial and technical communication support to solve any issue after delivery. When necessary, our project manager and their team can mediate negotiations between you and your manufacturers; propose suggestions aimed at settling issues while consistently protecting your interests.

For those who seek an all-inclusive procurement, visit our All-Inclusive Procurement page.