As the ‘factory of the world’, China contains a vast array of suppliers across many industries and capable of producing a wide range of products. Despite that advantage, it can be challenging to find the appropriate supplier suited to answer requirements such as cost, quality, product range, production capacity, and certificates of compliance. With that in mind, Shanghai JS Sourcing focuses on your business specific needs when connecting you with suppliers in China.

Once sourcing is complete, you will maintain access to all supplier information, their contact details, pricing, as well as our own summary and assessment of them. We give you access to information filtered and checked by our team, based on an experienced approach, and organized documentation. We respect and understand a supplier’s pivotal importance to successful and efficient business. That is why the majority of our network’s suppliers are certified and capable of supplying products and equipment that meet foreign standards.

China Sourcing Process :

Feasibility assessment

Our team goes over your project’s caracteristics, requirements, and objectives before a short briefing. Once priorities are clearly laid, we share our own conclusions, based on our knowledge of Chinese industrial landscape and understanding of procurement’s pitfalls.

Product Specification

The “Product Specification” is a document that summarizes all the details regarding the product, technical requirements, price, definite quantity and quality. If you don’t already have this file ready, we will work with you to create it and translate it.
This first step in the purchasing process is extremely important and will be supplemented by a cooperation agreement with us.

Preselection of suppliers

We pre-select suppliers according to your requirements, either across all of China or in a target location. During this step, our sourcing team identifies eligible suppliers and gathers all the data needed for the upcoming selection

Sample or Pre-production

Based on the project requirements, we order samples from suppliers and initiate preproduction processes in China. After this step, you have all the information necessary to assess each supplier’s potential to meet your expectations. Once sampling and/or preproduction process is complete, we will arrange shipment to you.

Negotiate Terms of Cooperation

We help you to confirm the price, lead time and the terms of payment with the Chinese partner of your choice. We will verify the information provided by the supplier before finalizing it in the order sheet.

You are planning a trip to meet and assess Chinese suppliers, visit our Business Trip page.

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