Electric Vehicles

China’s strategic development led the country to own one of largest wind resources, manufacture 63% of solar photovoltaics, produce a large part of ethanol-based bio-fuels, and be the second direct user of geothermal energy in the world. Thus the competitive advantage in key areas of the industry. The current growth for renewable and clean energy products has allowed the emergence of new actors and impelled the development of a competitive environment beneficial to buyers .
Shanghai JS Sourcing allows you to identify reliable suppliers with ease, negotiate fair prices and bring support in terms of technical issues while maintaining a local presence .

Here are some goods purchased in previous projects

, Electric Vehicles
Electrically-Assisted-Pedal-Cycles :
Engines, battery, parts, whole kits.
, Electric Vehicles
Photovoltaic :
Solar panel, inverter, control device , storage systems , accessories.
, Electric Vehicles
wind turbine :
Horizontal, vertical turbine, generator, battery, inverter.
, Electric Vehicles
Stoves and boilers :
Pellet stove, condensing boiler, system or combination boilers.
, Electric Vehicles
Pumps :
Geothermal heat pump , air-to-air heat pump , air-to-water heat pump.

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